Regional Event Management Incorporated:
We Engage Communities

At Regional Event Management Incorporated, we know how to generate the energy needed to support the work of social good organizations. It starts with a simple conversation that inspires people to be part of a movement for healthier communities.

People are passionate about
helping their neighborhoods thrive.

We harness that enthusiasm through our peer-to-peer promotions. Our goal is to connect likeminded individuals with social change organizations that champion causes they can get behind. We are doing our part to make communities more vibrant and safe.

By rallying communities around positive causes, we’re creating lasting bonds that make it possible for these movements to flourish. Our personalized fundraising efforts mean ethical organizations have more resources and can do even more good. Together, we’re making a difference.


Values Behind
Regional Event Management Incorporated’s Approach


We put everything we have into each promotion. Our work is richer because of the diverse insights and skills we each bring to our initiatives. Our people have experience in a variety of industries, ranging from business and marketing to psychology. We use these combined talents to get the public on board with our mission.

to the Core

A lot of innovation goes into each Regional Event Management Incorporated campaign. We don’t settle for the status quo. Instead, we look for opportunities to be at the forefront of trends. We lead from the front as we help change the world, one initiative at a time.


We collaborate on each solution to deliver the best possible results. Our collective voices add volume to the messages we deliver, captivating more people and getting their support for good causes.


Regional Event Management Incorporated’s goal is to build awareness for organizations that make our community better. Our commitment to making a difference is evident in all we do.

People with passion

Meet the team that drives support for social good.