Regional Event Management Incorporated:
Careers That
Ignite Passions

Regional Event Management Incorporated is all about the passion and energy people have for doing good. We welcome others who share our desire to lend their voices to support powerful movements that are making a difference. People who want careers with purpose find a home here.

Here is a sampling of what we offer:

Discover a Gratifying Career at Regional
Event Management Incorporated

Many individuals feel compelled to change the world. Regional Event Management Incorporated helps them harness their energy by providing careers in which they can support good work. Our solutions provide support for organizations within the movement for healthier communities. These peer-to-peer outreach campaigns raise funds that sustain the efforts of change agents. It’s not just a career; it’s a mission on which we embark together.

Gain Knowledge and Experience

Regional Event Management Incorporated partners with nonprofits to raise funds and build community awareness for the good work they do. Their goals become our goals as our team members learn the techniques needed to elicit public support. Through our immersive learning environment and coaching model, our people quickly become confident in their skills. We couple professional development with a chance to make a difference.

Cohesive Team Spirit

We work together toward a common objective, which is to support important causes. Our people channel their energies and talents to deliver a greater impact for the charities we serve. In our workplace, we challenge each other to do more, and celebrate individual and team victories alike. Our collaboration is evident in each campaign we launch.

Build Awareness for Nonprofits

Regional Event Management Incorporated’s work with nonprofits attracts likeminded people to be part of our mission. We lend our voices to create positive change in communities and help keep children safe and healthy.
We invite those with a fire to do good to join us by sending your resume to