Our Regional Event Management Incorporated mission is to help change agents make a difference in communities. Through our work, we see plenty of people who ask how they can do something good, when their funds or time is limited. Here are some easy ways to give back through work (or even at home):

” Organize a Drive: One of the observations we’ve made through our Regional Event Management Incorporated promotions is the power of numbers. When we get people rallied around a cause, the impact is bigger. If someone was planning to donate old clothes to a thrift shop or shelter, or toys at Christmas for kids in need, he or she could magnify that effort by encouraging others to do the same. An office collection will go further than one person’s donation.

” Philanthropy at Lunch: How much time does it take to do good? Based on what we see each day in our Regional Event Management Incorporated office, not much time at all is needed. There are things we can do during a simple lunch hour, such as donating blood, visiting a shut-in, or even spreading word about a cause that can be significant.

” Just Pay It Forward: Never underestimate the value of a random act of kindness. For example, delivering a special treat to a colleague who is experiencing a challenging day appears small, yet could be profoundly encouraging to that person.

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