We’ve maintained a supportive work atmosphere for members of Team Regional Event Management. It’s always fun to put those who take advantage of this fact in our company spotlight. Today, we’re highlighting Daria, Edwin, and Drew, all of whom were recently promoted. Doug, our firm’s President, explained, “These three standout performers are hard workers, strong networkers, and effective communicators. These attributes make Daria, Edwin, and Drew natural leaders, so we’re happy to have them on our team.”

Daria, Edwin, and Drew have also proven themselves to be adept at making key decisions in a timely manner. “They focus on action at all times,” Doug added. “When it comes to their own goals and the targets their teammates have set, these three know how to put potential distractions aside and direct their energies in the most productive ways. They’re accountable for their own success and our team’s overall achievements.”

It’s also fair to say that Daria, Edwin, and Drew understand the value of leading by example. Doug commented, “Many people know what to say to inspire people, but they might not follow through on their words. We’re fortunate to have Daria, Edwin, and Drew as future Regional Event Management leaders because they’re committed to backing up words with focused actions.”

We share updates on all our top performers through the Regional Event Management Facebook page. Stay tuned to keep up with our achievements.