Regional Event Management’s team is filled with top-notch team members who vie for the chance to be in our company’s spotlight. This month, Erin is our superstar brand ambassador. Our President, Doug, is happy to share why this individual has certainly earned her right to shine.

“Erin has been an integral part of our business and has helped us achieve many of Regional Event Management’s goals for 2018,” Doug said. “Her strong work ethic is contagious and truly inspiring to our team.”

Doug highlighted Erin’s can-do spirit as the chief reason she excels in all that she does. “She is the type of person who delivers more than expected all the time,” he noted. “Her special strength is putting her creativity to work. Erin is innovative to the core, especially when it comes to improving and streamlining processes for Regional Event Management.”

Another facet of Erin’s personality that drives her excellent performance is her growth-oriented mind-set. “She never stops learning,” Doug added. “Not only does Erin take full advantage of the training and knowledge transfer opportunities we provide, she goes out of her way to become more proficient and constantly develop her skills. I have no doubt she’ll go far because she continues to raise the bar higher for herself and everyone around her.”

Erin is just one of our office’s top performers. Check out our Newswireto see who else we shine our spotlight on.