NORCROSS, GA – Regional Event Management, a leading provider of on-site sales promotions, will be sending select team members to Orlando, Florida as part of the firm’s travel rewards program. Doug, the company’s President, shared details on the trip.

“Orlando is considered to be one of the happiest places on earth, so it makes sense that one of Regional Event Management’s excursions would be there,” said Doug. “We’re excited for our brand specialists who will be selected to go.”

Doug described what it takes to be considered for one of the many travel adventures Regional Event Management offers. “We look at consistent goal attainment as the primary criterion to go,” he said. “In general, our people are diligent in all that they do. Trips add extra incentive to reach higher and go that extra mile.”

This particular adventure will allow team members to meet with other top performers from different regions as they participate in various business and fun activities. “With all of the theme parks to choose from, there will be plenty of time for entertainment as well as to engage in some beneficial knowledge transfer.”

Regional Event Management’s President on Why Business Travel Is Important

According to Doug, there are numerous pluses that come from sending team members on business trips. “First, it’s a great motivator,” he stated. “Who doesn’t want to go somewhere exciting like Orlando or to a big city for a conference? When we announce a trip, the energy in our office multiplies almost instantly.”

“Team bonding is critical within Regional Event Management’s culture,” Doug also noted. “So it goes without saying that when our brand ambassadors go on adventures together, they become better acquainted. They learn a lot about each other that they might not be privy to during the course of our daily routines. When they return, not only do they share incredible memories, but they have developed stronger relationships.”

Networking is the other travel advantage that Doug described. “At each of the travel events our people attend, they are likely to meet and connect with both top performers from other regions as well as industry leaders who can have a profound impact on their careers,” he shared. “These are valuable contacts that will serve our people well in their futures.”

“The end results of these trips are that our people return with more than souvenirs,” Doug concluded. “They gain knowledge, connections, and a better sense of our industry and their roles in it. Each excursion is well worth it and I’m glad we can make this happen.”

About Regional Event Management Incorporated:
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