Travel is one of the most important Regional Event Management perks we offer. Not only does it allow us to recognize our hard-working team members for their contributions to our organization, but it’s an effective training and development tool as well. On top of that, it’s a way for our top producers to spend time getting to know one another outside the office in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our most recent business trip was an international conference held just south of us in Orlando, Florida. Doug, the President of Regional Event Management, took three team members to the event with him. Those selected to attend learned networking tips from industry leaders while building their contact lists. They also saw firsthand how much opportunity exists in our field for those who commit to our firm’s mission and methods. The big takeaway, according to Doug, was that those who build their careers with the passion and focus of an entrepreneur will achieve any level of success to which they aspire.

Our travel program is just one of the ways we prove our commitment to helping people learn and grow. Trips are an investment we make to show the lengths we’re willing to go in supporting team members in their career journeys. Find out where our top performers are heading next by following Regional Event Management on Twitter.