One of the hallmarks of our Regional Event Management office is our focus on constant growth. We believe that when people are in the process of becoming better versions of themselves, they are already succeeding.

Here are some of the Regional Event Management guidelines we follow to create a learning culture:

• Consider the Future: We want our team members to be prepared for the roles they want to occupy next, not just the positions in which they currently work. Our training program focuses on leadership skills like public speaking and networking so that we’re ready for the future.

• Invest in Development Opportunities: One of our most exciting perks is our travel program, but it’s more than just a high-profile reward. Many of our trips take us to seminars where we meet with and learn from industry leaders. We also take time to cross-train at other offices all over the country. This is just one of the ways we show how invested we are in the success of our team.

• Internal Promotions: All our managers work their way forward from entry-level positions in our firm. When team members know they have the chance to advance within the organization, they are more motivated to embrace their training and excel in their roles.

Our commitment to personal and professional development is one of our company’s sharpest competitive edges. Learn more about our training strategies by liking Regional Event Management on Facebook.